Sandwich Generation


I recently was told that I am part of the Sandwich Generation —  ” a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children.”   How validating! I get a category – I am not alone in this! In fact, I am part of an entire generation of people who have been shoved into the role of one who takes care of everyone but themselves!

But then I had to re-examine this title — Sandwich? How unglorious is that categorization!?!  Like roastbeef on rye? Bologna and cheese?  Sandwiches are not glamorous, exciting, or even very appealing.  I am a vegetarian for christ’s sake!  Do you know how hard it is to find a good veggie sandwich?  Why couldn’t it be something like, Generation X?  Mysterious, proud, powerful.  Of course, there is nothing glamorous, exciting, or the least bit appealing about dealing with caring for your 66-year-old father with Alzheimers while working full-time and raising a small child.  Oh, and being a wife too. Don’t forget that! 

No pity party for me, though.  Things could be worse. I could have three kids like my brother and be travelling down to dads every weekend.  My brother is the real hero here.  I could be in my dad’s shoes and be losing my connection to the world and everyone in it.  I have control still and I have some hope.  Just not sure I want that sandwich!



3 thoughts on “Sandwich Generation

  1. Yes, I have been a wilting lettuce and squashed tomato in such a sandwich. As people live longer I guess it is an inevitable lot for many daughters (and sons) of ageing parents. Of course, some folk are in a double-decker sandwich — looking after grandchildren, worrying about their own, and caring for really oldies. You are doing well — a sense of humour is vital.
    (Thank you for stopping by my blog)

  2. Sandwich Generation – Interesting! I think you just described my future. I’d like to be a ham and cheese sandwich – with dijon mustard, on rye bread. Okay, that sounds delicious. Except I’ll have to be a sandwich that sprouts money because someone *ahem* has nearly non-existent retirement savings. I’m of the first-to-receive-higher-education and thus expected-to-earn-lots-of-money generation… no pressure or anything.

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