Focus Please!

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I didn’t realize it had been two months since I wrote anything here until I was kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award and was forced to pay attention (thank  you – I am flattered and shocked that my dormant blog would receive any recognition).  I guess I got distracted. Life seems to do to you that when you are pulled in ten directions.  Okay, self, get focused!

I have known for a long time I am average at a lot of things but great at none.  And I am not saying this to feel sorry for myself – it’s really just a fact of my life.  I would like to be amazing at something, and maybe I could be if I devoted the time to it.  But, like one can surmise from this neglected blog, I tend to have so many things to do that any hope of mastering a skill is lost.  As a mental health professional, I often turn to my DSM and can easily diagnose myself as having ADHD.  Of course, I think I have diagnosed myself with at least five other things at this point, so who knows.

I try to find positives in knowing a little about a lot and being only pretty good at many activities.  For example, I never got picked last for any team event whether it took athletics or intelligence – that’s a plus, right?  I can keep up  in pretty much any conversation about sports, pop culture, current events, politics, psychology, travel, etc.  This helps with small talk and sometimes with convincing people you are intelligent.  I believe it has also helped me move up at work.  I know enough about a lot of things that I can pass for”being the boss” — the boss has to be able to advise on many topics!  That I can do!

I will post more about being nominated for the Versatile Blogger soon, but I wanted to try to focus for a second and give visitors something to read.  Nomination means readers. And perhaps it will motivate me to make blogging that one thing I excel at.  Focus, self, focus.


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