Too Tired to Think of a Title…


I am tired. And when I say tired, I don’t mean the ‘I could use a short nap’ kind of tired. I mean the head pounding, fuzzy thinking, dark circle, painful kind of tired. I brought this tired upon myself a little over a year ago by getting pregnant again. My now 6-month-old baby, while I love him dearly, is my nightly nemesis.


Look into those eyes – he has something evil planned.

Sometimes it is hard to believe that people (women) have been doing this nighttime dance forever. This weekend a friend reminded me that sleep deprivation is a well-known form of torture. Hmmmm… Perhaps my son was some sort of secret agent in a past life and is using his finely honed skills against me. I swear I have no information! If I did, I wouldn’t remember it because I am too tired!


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