It is your 16th birthday and you finally get to get your gun license!  You have taken a gun class and read the gun safety manual and your parents bring  you to the DGC (Department of Gun Control) and you take the test to get your provisional license.   You smile for your picture after passing the test and place your shiny new license in your wallet right next to where you will put the registration for the gun you will soon purchase.

After a year of responsible use under the supervision of someone who has been a responsible owner for years, you are able to get a real license and have less restrictions on your use. 

Five years go by and it is time to renew your license and your registration. You return to the DGC and retake the vision and safety tests to make sure you still are able to responsibly use your gun.  You bring your gun with you to show that you are still in possession of the firearm registered in your name. If you had any major violations, you would have paid major fines and/or had your gun taken away from you already. 

Your friend, however, has not been able to keep his gun license.  He was caught using it while under the influence of alcohol and has been ordered to turn in his gun until after his probationary period and education class is over.   And your grandfather, who has dementia, has had his license to use a gun removed as well because he went before a medical board who deemed him unfit to use a gun.

Imagine….imagine if we were as strict with the use of a deadly weapon as we are with the use of a car! 

Gun proponents use the ‘guns dont kill people, people kill people’ argument quire often. The truth is that people kill people with guns just like people kill people with cars.  Of course it isn’t the cars fault!  However as a society we have realized that licenses, registrations, medical tests and boards, fines, tickets, etc, are extremely beneficial and lifesaving. Yet, we dont hear the outcry of ‘They are limiting our freedom to own cars!’ or  ‘They want to take our cars!’

Let’s take my analogy a step further!  Do we allow citizens to own and operate tanks on our nation’s roadways? Of course not.  So, why do we allow people to own and operate assault weapons that don’t have any practical civilian use?  And we have to take our cars to get emissions tests – we have to get them inspected for safety purposes.  Could we not do the same for guns?  I believe a responsible gun owner should have to prove that their guns are being stored in a safe manner and that they aren’t accessible to children and/or unlicensed people.

We have restrictions and laws revolving around driving that have been put in place as the world has changed.  We have had to start to put texting and driving laws into place as we have learned that texting and driving is a dangerous practice.  Our world is changing and gun laws and restrictions need to be adapted accordingly.   Our founding fathers had no experience with rapid-fire firearms and certainly not with their use in mass school, mall, and theater killings.

I understand that this is an extremely controversial topic for many people, and I might hear a lot of arguments over my logic.  My father was a responsible gun owner and respected their power.  I understand that people can and do own guns responsibly.  If you are one of those people, then you have nothing to hide.  Yes, you would have to jump through hoops that you don’t currently have to jump through, but if it saves just one life…just one innocent life…imagine…






3 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Yup. There is no reason we should be so lax with gun control yet get up in arms over texting and driving or drinking and driving. People who are not responsible and put the lives of others in danger should be held accountable. And I just shake my head at assault weapons – really – where is the need for such a thing??

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